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Bill Paying Assistance


Need a home finance organizer to assist with sorting mail, paying bills, setting up filing systems for household expenses, managing insurance claims, balancing checkbooks, budgeting, and completing forms? Often organizing valuable paperwork can be overwhelming for people unable to perform these tasks for themselves. This includes:

  • Contacting Payees Regarding Incorrect Bills

  • Preparation of Checks for you to Sign

  • Preparing and Delivering Bank Deposits

  • Plan and Implement a Household Budget

  • Review Bank/Credit Card Statements for Accuracy

  • Reconciling Bank Accounts/Credit Cards

  • Organization and/or Automation of Personal Finances

  • Bookkeeping

  • Organization of Tax Documents

  • Coordinate with Legal, Tax and Investment Professionals

  • Interpret Insurance Statements and Verify Proper Claim Processing

  • Assist with Insurance Disputes

  • Handle Appeals

  • Sorting and Documenting Backlogs of Bills and Explanations of Benefits from Insurance Companies

  • Verify all Claims have been Filed and Paid

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