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When people begin having difficulties caring for themselves, someone else becomes responsible.  If you're the child or the closest living relative, that responsibility falls to you.

Because it's such an uncomfortable subject, few people confront it in advance - it's probably one of the few things in life that your parents didn't prepare you for.  You may not even know that an entire specialty is dedicated to it, or that there are compassionate practitioners who know what to do.

AgeWise Family Services is an organization of such practitioners who have been dealing with the problems of aging for well over two decades.

If you're facing a crisis linked to aging or to physical infirmity, AgeWise is a resource you can't afford to overlook:

  • We step in immediately.

  • We assess the needs of your family member - personal, emotional, physical, financial.

  • We determine how to fill those needs.

  • We intervene in situations where roadblocks exist to for a person to receive proper care and treatment. 

  • We step in to improve current, less-than-satisfactory care.

  • We will find the solution that best preserves his or her comfort and dignity without burdening you and your family.

  • We become involved at any point where we're needed. 


Whatever the case, we treat your family member the way we would want to be treated in a similar situation, knowing that there is nothing worse than being a pawn in a process over which one has little control. 

Finally, we never forget that the same road may stretch ahead for many of us. By taking a compassionate stand today- for your parents and all parents - we build a better tomorrow for ourselves.

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