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Are you getting older and want to make sure you have a plan in place as you age?



As people age or become unable to care for themselves, someone else becomes responsible.  If you're the child or the closest living relative, the responsibility often falls to you.

Because it's such an uncomfortable subject, few people confront it in advance. It is probably one of the few things in life for which your parents did not prepare you.  You may not even know that there is an entire specialty dedicated to handling such issues and that there are compassionate practitioners who know just what to do!

AgeWise Family Services is an organization of such practitioners who have been dealing with these types of issues of aging for well over three decades.  If you're facing a crisis linked to aging or to physical infirmity, AgeWise is a resource you can't afford to overlook.

Why Seek Help?

Life becomes more complicated as we age. People are living longer every year. As your loved one ages, they need more & more help.


Whether the solution involves in-home assistance, recreational activities, a senior community, or a nursing home, Age Wise Family Services can help. Let us simplify the process and navigate the system. Trust us to assist in making these difficult decisions.

How Does It Work?

Discuss your situation with an experienced Age Wise consultant. We can save you time doing extensive research, visiting various communities, making phone calls & waiting for return calls from other professionals.


Our consultants will help you make an informed decision & determine the best, most cost-effective solution available.

When to Seek Help?

Are you or your loved one experiencing declining health, repeated hospitalizations, a new medical diagnosis, or memory loss?

Are you trying to determine a course of action as the quality of life declines?

Are you increasingly concerned about the ability of you or your loved one to live alone?

Or, do you just want to plan ahead? Not sure, just contact us and we can guide you!

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